The 2004 Elections in USA

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Elections for the selection of the president and vice president of the United States of America were held on Tuesday November 2, 2004. This was the 55th consecutive quadrennial elections held in the country and the two contenders for the post of president were George Bush from the Republican and John Kerry, a Democratic.


Many issues were raised at this time including alleged obstacles in voter registration, voter suppression, and reliability of the voting machines in question along with racial discrimination. Minor issues like registration offices rejecting forms because they were not printed on a certain type of paper and other major issues like voter eligibility issues, voter suppression - a lot of voters were turned away in trepidation of voting for the opponent etc. In A Note on the Presidential Election in Ohio, Dennis Kucinich said. "Dirty tricks occurred across the state, including phony letters from Boards of Elections telling people that their registration through some Democratic activist groups were invalid and that Kerry voters were to report on Wednesday because of massive voter turnout. Phone calls to voters giving them erroneous polling information were also common" clearly depicting the nefarious activities brimming during the elections.
There were other instances like endless lines at voting stations bringing about general discomfort for people trying to get their votes in as the whole time balance went wrong for them. Moreover, road blocks put in place by the police were an enormous hold back for people trying to access certain polling places. ...
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