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Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes

Some are even outright fraudulent.
In February of 2006 state inspectors in Kentucky inspected the largest nursing home in the state, which was a 286-bed facility in Highland Heights known as Lakeside Heights Nursing Center. Inspectors found numerous health and safety violations. They declared that ten patients were in "immediate jeopardy" and had discovered that one patient had died after the staff had failed to treat his medical problems properly. A report done by state inspectors (2006) found widespread problems with the facility:
The report said the facility was often critically understaffed and that on 24 occasions only one licensed nurse was assigned to the entire facility and at times, the nurse on duty was not trained to administer intravenous fluids, which placed three residents in jeopardy. According to the report, the residents often could not get services or supplies from outside vendors because of bills that the nursing home had not paid. The inspectors documented one case in which a patient, who was frequently choking on solid food, could not get to an appointment with a doctor because the home was in arrears to the cab company. ...
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The numbers and the percentage of people that are over the age of sixty-five has increased greatly in recent years, due to increased longevity and declining birthrates. Increasing numbers of elderly people are staying for long periods of time in nursing homes due to the effects of prolonged illnesses and other health complications common in elderly people.
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