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Write an examining the operating principles for a community to which I belong to.

In a detailed analysis of these activities and interactions, I can definitely prove that our communities provide us with a sense of stability, serve our needs and, more importantly, accept us for who we are. In my community setting, I have often realized that my family accepts me for what and who I am. Thus, I share my activities and interactions with my daughter and we protect each other, which has always helped me in my family life as single mother.
One of the important operating principles of my community has been to be faithful and frank to the members of the community and we share our activities and interactions. Thus, my daughter and I enjoy great fun in our system of instant messaging or texting family and friends. Many often, I introduce my daughter to my chat friends and she has no online friends whom I don't know. Most of the friends of my daughter in her Facebook account came through my contacts and she never retreats an illegitimate relationship through her online activities.
Another significant operating principle of my community life is not to blame or to indict others with or without strong reasons for their actions. Instead, every member of my community strongly supports each other and understands each other completely. ...
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The everyday activities of individual are based on certain definite principles of set of philosophies buried deep into his actions and these are the operating principles for the community to which he or she belongs. I belong to the family which consists of me and my only daughter who is thirteen years old and our community has definite set of principles for actions within and beyond our family setting…
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