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Essay example - The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

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Berlin wall has been considered as one of the historical structures in the world that has been built by man. It was a barrier that was built to separate West Berlin from East Berlin and which in advance separated the rest of East Germany from West Germany…

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These boarders were considered to be a part of the iron curtain that has a historical significance in the world.
The Berlin wall was able to separate East and West Berlin for about 28 year since the day that construction of the wall began in August 13 1961 till the time it was dismantled in 1989. Apparently the dismantling of the wall was seen as a new era in the world and an action that contributed greatly to the end of the cold war that had persisted for more that 3 decades.
Up to the time the wall was dismantled it was recorded that 133 people were confirmed to have been killed as they tried to cross over the wall to the other side. However it is claimed that more than 200 people were killed in this period the above given official figures were inaccurate. The East German government had given shooing order to office regarding the wall for all the defectors who had tried to cross over the border. (Curttis, 1998)
In November 9 1989, the East German government announced that the visit to West Germans and Berlin would be permitted. This followed weeks of civil unrest and relentless activities by the civil society. There was a celebration atmoshpher from both sides as public crowds climbed over the wall and started chipping it piece by pieces. There was later industrial equipment that was used to bring down the wall. This is just an introduction about the great wall that separated the two sides in the same country. ...
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