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Black Market of Body Parts - Essay Example

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Though there is the problem of waiting for the donors of organs, it is still heart-warming to know that so many lives are saved through such innovation. It provides a sense of security especially to older generation not to worry so much on the depreciation of their organs. It provides hope to all sick people to be cured from organ impairments.
However, it is also alarming to note that in desperation of the families and those affected to prolong the lives of their patients they have become too impatient for donors and have become unmindful of the illicit trade of human organs. The society has become deaf and blind to the problem that confronts the world of medicine. Many do not even ask where the replacements for the 24, 900 organs must have come from. Not many are even aware that there is an illicit trade of human organs that dominates the world market today.
It is the purpose of this paper then to discuss such shadowy organ dealings if only to enlighten the public what it takes for many people especially in the underdeveloped countries to provide the organs needed for the transplants. It is so unfortunate that out of the growing need of organ transplants, unscrupulous brokers also take advantage of the poor and the needy. This paper then intends to provide a picture on the widespread corrupt practices of organ traders in order to enlighten the public on the extent of the evilness of such trade. Why the donors are very much willing to sell their internal organs is another question. Could it be that these people feel so much compassion to the patients that they have to go to the point of risking their own lives just as they give their own internal organs
It is a known fact that there is an underground market of organs. Kidney largely dominates the selling as they are most in demand and because of the fact that a donor can survive without the other kidney. It has been reported that donors are willing to sell their internal organs to the highest bidders. In Great Britain, a kidney is worth 60,000 British pounds, a liver is worth 20,000, and a cornea is worth 20,000 (Maconachy, (2007). In Brazil, it was reported that willing donors from poor neighborhoods were flown to West Africa where organ transplants were performed on many patients from different nations including Israel. Accordingly, the patients paid as much as $100,000 for their new organs. (Handwerk, 2004). Others pay as much as $6,000.00 to their donors this is what McLaughlin, Prusher, and Downie, (2004) have documented from a donor who narrated his experience in West Africa:
Palestinian men who sold their kidneys in Saddam Hussein's Iraq after the first Gulf War got just $500 to $1,000.. In the slums of Manila, where corneas, livers, and lungs are also offered for sale, kidneys fetch about $2,000 Some Israeli organ donors have gotten $20,000,. And a few American sellers have gotten $30,000 to $50,000 for their kidneys. (McLaughlin, Prusher, & Downie, 2007).
With such amount of money paid to a destitute donor, who would not be willing to sell his organ then Having such big amount they may have a better future and a more hopeful life for their families who for so long wallow in extreme hunger. Maconachy reports:
"People who agree to sell their organs may consider selling a liver in order to renovate the house. Poor families desperate to send a son or daughter ...Show more


The advent of technology and modernization brought so much hope to the sick and the dying patients. Many older men and women do not have to die unattended just because of impaired organs, for today it is easy to replace a liver, a kidney or even a heart that cannot function properly…
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Black Market of Body Parts
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