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KAVANA can be applied wherever liquid or gaseous fuels are fed through pipes into a combustion chamber. Its inconspicuous form and simple installation make this product a true Innovation in fuel consumption technology!
KAVANA is not a magnetic system. It is a novelty and complex system for the processing of liquid fuels…

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These bans are provided on delivery. However, if this is not possible due to the type of construction or because the pipe system is return less, KAVANA can still be mounted on the in-flow fuel pipe.
A two-year manufacturer's guarantee is granted for all of the KAVANA products by KAVANA. The products may not be opened and may only be used in the areas stated; otherwise the guarantee claim will be void. Using the product in areas not stated in the directions can also cause the product to not work correctly.
All the products delivered undergo a rigorous final inspection. Please immediately inform our sales department if defective parts are discovered. In case of faults with your product, or to file a guarantee claim (be sure to include the invoice and sales slip) please contact your trading partner or send us an e-mail.(I would insert your email here).
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