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In a legal context, the official definition referred here is based on a law promulgated by a government entity. Although other definitions exist and are used officially such as those used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, discussions are focused as far as the meaning of ecoterrorism through a law passed in the state of Pennsylvania. House Bill 213 published by Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 2006 defined ecoterrorism within the context of criminalizing the acts of harming properties to intimidate individuals lawfully involved in activities that use animals, plants, or other natural resources.
But those sectors branded as ecoterrorists contest the meaning and remarked that the use of the term is a form of propaganda against their cause. They claimed that the term connotes terror inflected against the ecology which is the opposite of what these groups are fighting for. It is further alleged that the use of ecoterrorism in branding environmental activism is a political maneuver of the opponents of the causes for environmental activism. ...
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Ecoterrorism is a major issue in current times in relation to societies concern over the environment and its dwindling state of quality. It is also considered as eco-sabotage and is a crime committed for nature's sake (Runyon p. 1). The term ecoterrorism, as understood by the general society, refers to acts which are destructive and criminal in nature inflicted to innocent entities, humans, properties, and other physical structures, in order to echo out sentiments that are environmental and politically related…
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