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Essay example - Coastal Erosion on Essex Coast

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Its gigantic size, its availability to support the variety of species, and its immense power has amazed many. The ocean has shown its tranquillity and appeal to many, through vacationers coming to resorts near the ocean and various cruises. However, it can

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Expenditure on coasts has risen to protect the coast from further depletion as well as shielding nearby residences from flooding. People have tried for many years to control erosion by the abrasive forces of the ocean. In the following paragraphs, I will depict some of the reasons for the erosion of international coastlines. Then, find will analyze the types of sea defences that can protect coastlines. Then we will evaluate which sea defence is will aid Clacton on Essex coast.
Coastal erosion is the local loss of coastal landmass due to natural processes such as waves, winds and tides, or even due to human interference. There are many reasons why there is an erosion happens on coastland. A simpler reason is because the pounding of waves that affect the shoreline daily (i.e. High tide and low tide.) The natural causes such as storms, hurricanes, instanteous surges toward the shore can change the form of the shore. Large storm-generated waves often cause coastal erosion, which may take the form of long-term losses of sediment and rocks, or merely in the temporary redistribution of coastal sediments. Erosion in one location may result in accretion nearby. On rocky coasts, coastal erosion can result in dramatic rock formations in areas where the coastline contains stones with a plethora of resistances to erosion. ...
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