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Transatlantic Relationship

They are characterized, by an extremely high level of integration and interdependence especially in the fields of economy, political-military and cultural; while on the other hand, by numerous tensions and confrontations weakening the validity of the transatlantic partnership.
The success of the transatlantic relationship is based on the background of common values that has braced both Europe and America, therefore creating an identity of values that finds its roots in the ideas of the Enlightenment which encompass the centrality of freedom, democracy, and reason as primary values of the society. These principles represent a constant in the transatlantic expression and have stimulated any transatlantic joint action intended to defend and export them.
One of the first documents that contributed to the establishment of a common transatlantic consciousness that have referred to these principles is The Atlantic Charter, signed on 14 August, 1941. This Charter set forth the joint declaration of their peace aims calling for the self-determination of all peoples and self-government and sovereign rights for all nations that had been deprived of them. ...
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The transatlantic relationship finds its existence at the beginning of the 21st century to what it seem as a turning point in history that might result in the adoption of one of the following alternatives for the two sides: European trending towards the US, adaptation (assuming a relative equal partnership, but in which American maintains its superiority), that attempt to balance the American control together with other players…
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