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learning styles journal

Before that I pretty much procrastinated with the writing.... I started out with a kind of a chronological thing, I mean where I described myself and things that make me unique. Then I went on to describe the actual work and then pull the elements out that contributed to my response.
After initial class sessions on genre; plot, and character failed to engage him ("Was I the only one who felt trapped in a class which embarked on discussing genre at 8:10 A.M."), a nineteen-year old man suddenly found the situation changed: "We had a confrontation. The entire class time surrounded a dispute. I readily sat up in my seat to observe what my classmates were anxious about, so I could participate. They were butting heads about their interpretations of the story read for our class assignment." At first he did not feel he could "jump in," but "definitely felt caught in the middle of it," agreeing with each side to some degree. As interpretations continued to "clash . . ., uninformed opinions were corrected by educated ones, and faces blushed due to embarrassment and anger," he found himself anticipating and preparing for class in new ways.
I was in awe that the instructor allowed it to continue. ...
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I enjoyed dealing with the painting. It's the sort of thing that's really fun for me. I've seen pictures and slides of Picasso's Guernica before so I basically remembered a little bit about it. But truly you were right. The longer you spent just simply looking, taking it all in, the more you get out of it…
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