Multilateral treaties vs. customary international law

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The present paper is the analysis and evaluation of the statement that 'multilateral treaties are more effective vehicles for the international law than the custom'. In connection with this, it will be necessary to look at both treaty and customary law, and conclude whether treaty appears to be more effective means of regulating international relations.


In my reviewing the literary sources, when getting prepared for the analysis on the subject, I have come to the conclusion that the twentieth century itself has displayed enormous progress in the international law, and though treaties at present seem to take the leading place in the instruments and sources of the international law, it finally appears that both custom and treaty are effective, they interrelate, and moreover, treaties appear to be the means of creating new customs in international law. It is yet under question, which of the two sources of the international law is more effective at present, and is it possible that the multilateral treaty becomes more important and reliable for the world community, than the legal custom, according to which this community is accustomed to live
Through the literary sources reviewed, I may assume, that customary and treaty law can't act separately, and are more the means of mutual support, depending on the situation; I may also suggest that both custom and multilateral treaties appear to be the effective vehicles of regulating the international relations in the sphere if law and legislation. Though, in the light of the close interrelation between the custom and the treaty it is at times difficult to decide, which of them appears to work more effectively. ...
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