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Metaphysics and Theories of Reality

Through these representations, philosophers able to find logic on each other's work. The find meaning and answers to each ideas; answers find its way resulting to another answer. Therefore, based on disagreements and debates from one century to another there's always a never ending process to the meaning of each statements whether it is factual or not.
"The Father of all things is war"; I firmly believe that Order and Chaos co-exist with one another and without this, war will be the result. Order and Chaos should be balanced and complement each other. Order is there to make sure that everything is organize, logically formed in a presentable manner and guidelines to follow. If any of these things were not followed accordingly, chaos will be the end result. These two are like a big circle that continuously moving into one direction and is never ending that is why it is a must that each one should follow what is directed.
"You can't step into the same river twice"; In my opinion this is a perfect example of what has St. Augustine has mentioned that time is both a combination of linear and progress. Progress in such a way that life is a moving process, each day that we live, we are going and moving forward to one direction. ...
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Lesson three (3) was presented by collaboration of different ideas attempting to resolve and find a concrete philosophical explanation between time, reality and eternity. Three (3) most ideas I have learned in lesson 3 using these phrases are: "The Father of all things is war"; "You can't step into the same river twice"; "The only thing that stays the same is that nothing stays the same".
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