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Negotiation assignment

1c. Conflict can empower an individual: Fear of conflict can lead to self-induced oppression. In the case where a daughter is faced with a controlling parent, choosing to respectfully engage in conflict can demonstrate to the young person that she has a measure of control over her life and does not have to endure oppressive oversight. A successful confrontation will build her own self-esteem.
2. Describe your negotiation style. My negotiation style tends to be integrative and principled. My primary strength is that I have a good motive in seeking to obtain a win/win situation for all parties; I want to define the goals and maximize the objectives for everyone within a discussion framework that has fair standards and a high level of integrity. The weakness in my position is that a dishonest bargainer could possibly use my desire for consensus to manipulate me through deceit or hardball tactics.
3a.1 I had two friends who engaged in an integrative bargain resulting in a win/win situation. ...
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1a. Conflict can provide awareness: In a corporate environment, there are often many levels of authority and management. One situation that illustrates the benefits of conflict is the employee of an overbearing supervisor. Rather than simply put up with an abusive or unreasonable person, thean employee can respectfully confront the supervisor regarding a particular issue, e.g., an unattainable deadline, and through that conflict the supervisor will be able to gain an awareness of the feelings of others in the department.
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