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Design and Technology (D&T)

Stenhouse (Cited in Armitage, 195) argues that "Curriculum to many in compulsory education, is understood to be the government planned intentions", or "prescribed intended learning outcomes" This definition lends itself to the planning of specific learning targets which can be translated into specific learning outcomes for individual lessons. However this process is not inclusive, as it does not maximise the potential of immediate learner feedback, and therefore reduces the level of learner participation in the learning process. The aims of this study are therefore focused upon the potential role learner feedback or evaluation can play in developing curriculum, facilitating greater learner participation and ownership.
The role of Design and Technology in schools on England is evolving. These changes were announced in the Government Green Paper 14-19: Extending Opportunities Raising Standards (DfES, 2002), which argued that education and instruction of 14-19-year-olds should be delivered by a more flexible curriculum with a broad range of options. Beginning in September 2002, Design and Technology was no longer a compulsory school subject from age 14: the age which marks the end of Key Stage 3 of the National Curriculum in England. ...
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After completing a term studying 'the properties of materials' my students reported that, although they found the subject interesting, they were disappointed that they hadn't has the opportunity to do any practical. They also mentioned that Design and Technology (D&T), ought to be a 'doing' subject.
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