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The Log Cabin Theory - Essay Example

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The Whigs victory in the presidential election in 1840 could not deny the fact that the humility is yet the best instrument in obtaining triumph. Nobody could at the time have so much power to control over the minds of the masses in the Mississippi Valley to develop a tremendous affection towards General Harrison…

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The Log Cabin Theory

The supposed sympathy of General Harrison, and the reputed aversion of Van Buren for the poor man, for the humble citizen, is the true secret of the great and tremendous political revolution of 1840. (Robbins, p. 42) General Harrison, a determined, self-made leader who rose from humble rural beginnings, armed himself through education, hard work or both, with the necessary tools for political leadership. (Chalmers, p. 149)
The characteristics above are the types that are perceived to be uniquely suited to the rigours of political life in the United States. Someone who has been through the same struggles as the Whigs president is perceived to have the capacity to battle adversity and overcome obstacles threatening the achievement of their goals. The experiences of politicians with modest beginnings serve as their arms in battling all the challenges of the position in the government he will soon encounter. (Chalmers, p. 149)
After 1840, party connections, tactics, and sentiments were widely and openly accepted as grounds of political conduct. It had by then become difficult simply to think of political life and active political leadership, even retrospectively, without reference to the motive of advancing party interests. (Beshady, p. ...
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