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Casual Argument: anabolic steroids

Empirical investigation of steroid use in young individuals is sparse and most of the research that exists deals with steroid use in athletes. However, some research indicates that steroid use in the general population may be greater than expected. In a comprehensive review of the literature involving the use of androgenic-anabolic steroids in young men, Wroblewska indicated that 4% to 11% of males in the United States have tried anabolic steroids with the majority experimenting for the first time while in college (Wroblewska, 229). Other studies such as the JAMA study found that 6% of high school students have reported using steroids (Buckley et al., 3442). Similarly a study in 1992 conducted by Komoroski & Richert surveyed 672 male high school juniors and found that 7.6% admitted steroid use (Yesalis, 71). Yet another study conducted by Neumark-Sztainer et al. surveyed seventh, ninth, and eleventh-grade high school students and found that 2.3% of boys used steroids (Neumark-Sztainer et al., 44). These percentages may seem small, yet they are significant given the effects of steroid use on the human body. Even more disturbing than the number of admitted users was the overall attitude of students surveyed in these studies. ...
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For young man whose physical reality may be at odds with his concept of an ideal male physique, exercise alone or even excessive exercise may not be sufficient enough to bridge the gap between the desired and attained. Indeed, the fact that a gap exists may prove to be so provoking that some individuals may seek other methods that may improve their chances of capturing the physical ideal…
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