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Real and Intellectual Property Law Briefs

The Supreme Court in a divided decision held that the City's purpose of expropriation, which is to give the property to a private entity for development, falls under the term, for "public use." The Court held that the City as a whole would benefit because the development would bring much needed capital, investments and work to the City of New London which is in dire need of economic uplift. Thus, despite the fact that the City would expropriate the property and give it to a private entity, it would still be for "public use"
Real property is protected by the registration through the Torrens System of Land Registration, which is popularly used all over the world. This system was invented by Australian Sir Robert Richard Torrens, as a means of simplifying how we transfer ownership of real property. As an owner of land, I would have it registered and have to follow the requirements set by law, and upon registration, I am issued a Torrens Title, which is my evidence or proof of ownership of the land. The great characteristics of the system is that upon registration, the Title binds and protects my ownership of the land forever to the whole world, unless I decide to transfer it or sell it, which should be registered as well.
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Property is a very vast term that encompasses all things which may or may not be appropriated by man. This has many classifications which include real or immovable property and personal or movable property, intellectual property, etc. The ownership and other rights over them are governed by different laws on property.
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