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The Common Criticisms of Psychology

Besides, some of the sub-disciplines of psychology are relied on research methods like surveys and questionnaires, hence, the criticism that the 'facts' in psychology are not scientific facts. In addition, psychology infers from subjective self-reports as an accepted practice since study areas such as behavior, personality and emotions cannot be measured directly. Hence, the criticism that no objective science can rely on such analytical categories that are normative and subjective.
It has been agreed that organized psychology plays a vital role in addressing a wide range of social issues. However, there are concerns about the ideological nature of psychology when it intervenes on social issues. Theorists such as Fox (1985) and Prilleltensky (1994) hold the view that psychology too is inescapably political as the public discourse by psychologists is inherently political. Radical Psychology Network, which is an international organization of psychologists belives that psychology quite often aligns with the status quo and consciously or unconsciously identifies against concerns of progress and social justice. Therefore, they advocate that psychology must take broader stand on issues related to burning social problems by making it more socially committed. It is argued that even psychological research is constituted and affected by mainstream beliefs and practices (Fox, 1985). ...
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Much of the criticisms of psychology as a discipline of study are aimed at its status as a science. Critics of various hues argue that psychology is too fuzzy to be a science. There are different types of criticism that draw strength from various theoretical sources…
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