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One cannot afford to be indifferent and unconcerned. I believe that a true artist should not only express himself in his work but also be able to effectually convey positivity through his skill. Perhaps, what makes art good or bad is the impression that it leaves to people.
There are various ways by which an artist can achieve that goal. It is a well-known fact that news travel fast and they have a lasting effect on readers and viewers. Unfortunately, not all news is refreshing and inspiring. The massacre at Virginia Tech University is one of the most depressing and horrifying news recently. It is hailed as the deadliest shooting in US history that took the lives of more than 30 people. While America-if not the whole world-is shocked and mourning, an artist has the opportunity to involve himself and to stand out in the crowd of aspiring artists. Instead of creating an eccentric exploitation of details, it would be best to emphasize on the life lived by those who were killed and eternalize the vision they had fostered in their existence. This may provide comfort to their loved ones and promote awareness and inspiration to the public. That intention alone may be one of the crucial tests of a bona fide artist.
But it is time to depart from the traditional. The best and logical way to successfully deviate is to know what is traditional. ...
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Originality is defined as the ability to think creatively and depart from traditional or previous forms. Despite the fact that the world is inhabited by various artists in different fields, it is essential to excel and not be satisfied with merely blending in the crowd…
Author : walterbertha

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