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Essay example - Strategic Human Resource Planning in Government The Promise and Limitations

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Both public and private organizations need to have some form of a vision for the growth of the business. The idea of strategic planning for human resource carries with it a great potential for improving the performance of any business venture may it be public or private…

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Governments find it important to adopt strategic human resource planning for a couple of reasons; they have to consider getting fresh working force once the aged one can no longer perform; projected labour inconsistencies and the current labour struggles would assist governments to prepare for eventualities; responding to the forces of globalization and for the sake of growing a flexible and competent workforce.
The government succeeds in the strategic human resource planning through the planning and accurately aligning the human resource potential with the goals of the government and the specific department that requires the strategic planning. This involves deciding on the best time to recruit, who to retain, when to start managing the performance of the workforce, developing the capacity of the workforce and overseeing the general wellness of the workplace to name but a few of the practices that would ensure the government succeeds.
The purpose of the strategic human resource planning in government is to enable the public service commission in the nation and the departments found under it to organize available human potential to ensure the right individuals are connected to the right areas of operation to ensure maximum productivity.
Strategic human resource planning plays a great role in the provision of goods that serve the interests of the public. ...
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