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The earliest references to hypnosis come from ancient Egypt and Greece, furthermore, references have been found in texts from ancient China and in the Hindu Vedas. The father of modern Hypnosis may well have been Frans Anton Mesmer , who lent his name to the term "mesmerised". Born in 1734, Mesmer graduated in medicine at Vienna. A British surgeon, James Esdaile , used hypnosis as an anaesthetic and performed many well-documented operations using the technique. However, the discovery and use of medical ether in the 1840s effectively ended the use of hypnosis as an anaesthetic. Notwithstanding this, Hypnotherapists refer to the deepest levels of Hypnosis as the "Esdaile state". No discussion of the history of Hypnotherapy, however brief, would be complete without mention of Emile Coue . Emile Coue was a French apothecary who pioneered the method of self-hypnosis called autosuggestion during the 1920s.
2 Looking at the analogous 'working model' of the mind, we are able to see that consciousness is that part of the mind (the conscious mind) able to access and focus attention on, areas of subconscious activity, bring them into consciousness.
If mind is imagined to be a solid sphere where The inner solid crust is unconsciousness, the surface is Subconscious, Imagine a helicopter of convenient size in flight around the sphere, at a distance from the sphere's surface (subconscious), and imagine also, a searchlight fixed to the underside of the helicopter, its beam of light scanning the activities of the 'tiny men' (represents subconscious response), then we shall have a fair representation of consciousness. As for the conscious mind, of which consciousness is a part, that can be best represented by the helicopter, its equipment and crew members.
Helicopter is the Conscious mind. Will drives the helicopter and is influenced by Decisions, Reasoning, and Logics etc. The beam of searchlight represents Attention.

2. How are the '5' ordinary senses stimulated to obtain the state of heightened suggestibility List each sense separately, together with methods of stimulation.

Heightened Suggestibility can be achieved by controlling 5 sences as mentioned:-

TOUCH (OR FEELING): Careful attention to the position of your subject will ensure that the pattern produced by the sense of feeling, will become monotonous. With the subject in suitable surroundings, i.e. in a warm, reasonably quiet, well ventilated room, make sure he is placed in a comfortable, secure position. The subject must feel secure without the slightest fear of falling, should he change position ...Show more


Psychological therapy and counselling (sometimes referred to as the "talking cures") is the treatment of emotional and psychological disorders, unwanted habits and undesirable feelings, using psychological techniques alone. The aim of all such therapy is to assist the clients in finding meaningful alternatives to their present unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving…
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Hypnotherapy essay example
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