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Writer/director Quentin Tarantino delivers a dark, gory drama in Reservoir Dogs, his feature film debut. The film follows the story of a botched jewel heist and the aftermath as the jewel thieves search for the rat in their team. The team of thieves includes five experienced jewel thieves and one undercover cop, assembled by the notably absent Joe (Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs).


This film veers away from the Hollywood norm in several ways, first with the dark, fast-paced cinematography, second with graphic use of violence and language in the story telling (McCarthy). The film explores the darkest reaches of human nature and how one radical event can change all facets of the relationship between men.
In the first scene of the film, all of the participants in the heist are seated amicably around the Formica table of a small diner having a discussion about the meaning behind Madonna's "Like a Virgin". The film quickly segways from that to Mr. Orange and Mr. White driving to the team's appointed meeting place, an abandoned warehouse. It's now after the botched robbery and Mr. Orange is shot in the stomach, dying (Tarantino, Reservoir Dogs: Final Script). The warehouse gives the film a dark isolated, almost claustrophobic feeling, despite its large size and vacant interior (McCarthy). The claustrophobia of the place lends more to the mounting paranoia between the characters. The paranoia concerns who in the core group to trust and who not to trust in the search for the person who ratted the thieves out to the LAPD. The solitude of the warehouse, its isolation from the world outside isn't broken until the final shootout, when everyone is dead except Mr. White and Mr. ...
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