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Public Administration and Democratic Governance

Traditionally public administration has been the forte of orthodox public administrators. They believed in monopolistic policy making and forced enforcement of these policies. With "Change" occurring at rapid phase democratic governance in public administration is inevitable to provide responsive and effective service to citizens.
Citizen awareness has been another driving force enabling changes in functioning of the public administration. Citizens are more demanding, ask for more out of less and have raised the bar for public administrators from just governance to good governance. This notion has moved the responsibilities of public servants from service providers to the ones responsible for greater public good and minority upliftment. The three branches of governance - Legislative, Executive and Judiciary are no more seen as separate entities, instead, their packaged service accessibility is one of the other major responsibilities of a public administrator.
The drivers mentioned above lay the stepping stone for "New Public Administration" (NPM). This initiative has become a synonym for public administration's effort towards democratic governance aiming to achieve greater economic and social development. The self governance process introduced by NPM is driven by innovation at all levels intending to face the turbulent dissatisfaction environment.
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Public administration from time immemorial has been a centralized autocratic system known to citizens as policy makers and enforcers. On a contrary modern day influences require a more democratic and participative approach to public administration. There are several reasons for this extreme shift in requirement…
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