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Personal Statement example - The Business of Fashion Design

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Personal Statement
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Fashion design, as an applied art in the academic and commercial communities, is brought to the public through business acumen rather than any other medium. It is because of this, the nexus between fashion design and business that I now wish to follow up on my fashion design studies at the community college level with a complementary course of study in business…

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It is therefore imperative that I complement my knowledge of fashion design with business principles and skills. In this essay, I will more clearly elaborate on how my background in fashion design will assist me in being successful in a business program, how I believe that a business program will help me to attain my career aspirations, and how I have arrived at the decision to pursue a business program.
As a preliminary matter, my interest and background in fashion design is wonderfully suited to an in-depth program of business education. Fashion design is, in many ways, a product of business-oriented analysis. There are fashion seasons, which are analogous to quarterly reports in business; there are in-depth marketing studies to determine what social and cultural trends might properly inspire or influence fashion trends; there are niche fashions and mass market fashions; and, finally, no fashion design will be successful unless it conforms to a careful business plan. ...
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