Business and Management Research Methodology

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In this section we present a summary list of requirements expected of a candidate setting out to conduct a research study in business management. The list would include essentially the following: i. a definition of the clear purpose for the research; formulating a set of questions to guide it; and providing a justification for the choice of topic; ii.


scheduling the research workload and activities over a stipulated period and being flexible enough to make alterations in it when problems occur; vii. constructing and sustaining the research argument through a long document without resorting to long descriptions that are not embedded in the structure of the argument; viii writing and understanding the purpose of an introduction, a conclusion and an abstract for an academic document; ix writing clearly and imaginatively, and with a sense of authority; and x. using an appropriate referencing system.
In order to conduct research in terms of the above mentioned requirements, the work involved may include: the development of an appropriate and interesting research topic; reading the relevant and other appropriate literature; specifying the method adopted for the research; collection or selection of the required data; analysis and interpretation of the data and finally writing up the dissertation as the end product.
Deciding on the research topic takes a good deal of time, thought and discussion. ...
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