Workers Without Health Insurance

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Health care usually embraces the treatment, prevention and management of illnesses through services offered by nursing, medical or allied health service providers. The World Health Organization describes the current state of health care as in acute shortage especially in this era where most employers do not offer insurance services to their employees.


It will finally draw a conclusive recommendation on how workers can be provided with medical covers to enhance their heath care service provision.
The primary source of health insurance covers in the United States is the employer-sponsored insurance -ESI1. ESI offers job-based health benefits which are in some cases subsidized by the federal government by exempting employer tax on health insurance premiums. In certain companies there are private employer sponsored which are voluntary and depends on the company's financial ability to meet the health care requirement for its entire workforce. Since not all employers offer insurance covers to its employees, not all workers have insurance policies and consequently, their children and spouses do not have them.
In most cases, people who are not insured are either workers or family members of the workers. Previous research has shown that most American citizens obtain their health insurances through their employment agencies. ...
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