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Ethics and Social Responsiility of Corporations

Also because there is such a flux occurring , in individuals mind sets regarding their values , norms and belief systems which build up the ethical responsibility list , that it seems as if no individual could ever reach a point where , he/she would be able to describe a perfect list of ethics , ethical responsibility. In the Author's views Schools don't aid students nowadays, in learning or sustaining proper ethical behaviors. So, that they would be able to cope with the global environment.
There exists a blame game, which initiates at a point where the business schools are blamed by some. Blamed, for not grooming their students in the right manner in terms of ethical value realization, and responsibilities. When it is time to take responsibility, then we see this Blame hat shifting from individuals to individuals, organizations, teams and groups of individuals. Employees are observed blaming the management for their workload and pressure, the management on the other hand blames the external environment, the competitive forces which are global. There are larger organizations blaming the environment as they believe that, in failing to co ordinate and innovate with the changing trends and patterns of organizations globally would mean bringing the organizations on the brink of extinction. ...
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Ethics and ethical conduct has raged a robust debate worldwide. It is almost a notion which is always talked about everywhere. It might be your personal live s, your professional or educational careers. And the search for the BEST ethical practices never seems to end…
Author : natashabednar

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