Watching Comedy Films.

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With the advent of present-day technology, movies can be watched just about anywhere - from airplanes to iPods. The kind of movie a person watches affects his/her feelings. Some people prefer sad and serious movies while others prefer comedy.


It has also been commonly said that "Laughter is the best medicine." The Archives of General Psychiatry (November 1994) reports that watching comedy films is good for the heart because it boosts the flow of blood. The report show that scientists are becoming increasingly interested in the possibility that a good giggle has positive effects on heart health.

There are proven health benefits of a good mood according to the same source. Laughing, smiling and feeling good show various benefits to one's health. Lee Berk, an associate professor of health promotion and education who studies laughter at Loma Linda University in California says: "Laughter is not dissimilar from exercise. It's not going to cure someone from stage three cancer, but in terms of prevention it does make sense. In a sense, we have our own apothecary on our shoulders. Positive emotions such as laughter affect your biology" (Archives, 2004).

Smiling and keeping an optimistic attitude can also have good effects. Studies reveal that it is possible to predict a woman's future success by the intensity of her smile; and that optimistic people have stronger immune systems, meaning they're better equipped to fight off disease.

Christopher Peterson, Ph.D., a University of Michigan Professor studying optimism's link to health for over two decades says: "The research is very clear. ...
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