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Research Proposal example - Alzheimers Disease

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Research Proposal
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Arai, H., Nakagawa, T., Kosaka, T., Higuchi, M., Matsui, T., Okamura, N., Tashiro, M., Sasaki, H. (1997). Elevated Cerebrospinal Fluid Tau Protein Level As A Predictor Of Dementia In Memory-Impaired Individuals, Alzheimer's Res; 3:pp. 211-213
Arai, H., Ishiguro, K., Ohno, H., Moriyama, M., Itoh, N., Okamura, N., Matsui, T., Morikawa, Y., Horikawa, E., Kohno, H., Sasaki, H., Imahori, K, (2000).: CSF Phosphorylated Tau Protein And Mild Cognitive Impairment: A Prospective Study…

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Differential Diagnosis Of Alzheimer Disease With Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels Of Tau Protein Phosphorylated At Threonine 231, Arch Neurol; 59: pp. 1267 - 1272.
De La Monte, S.M. and Wands, J.R., (1994). Diagnostic Utility of Quantitating Neurofilament -immunoreactive Alzheimer's Disease Lesions, The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Vol. 42. NO. 12, pp. 1627-1634.
De La Monte, S.M. and Wands, J.R., (1994). Diagnostic Utility of Quantitating Neurofilament -immunoreactive Alzheimer's Disease Lesions, The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry, Vol. 42. NO. 12, pp. 1625-1634.
Kohler, J., Riepe, M.W., Jendroska, K., Pilartz, H., Adler, G., Berger, F.M., Calabrese, P., Frolich, L., Gertz, H.J., Hampel, H., Haupt, M., Mielke, R ., Paulus, H.J., and Zedlick, D., (2002). Early diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease. Implementation in the doctor's office, Fortschr Med Orig; 120(4): pp. 135-41.
Lopez, O. L., Swihart, A. A., Becker, J. T., Reinmuth, O. M., Reynolds, C. F., III, Rezek, D. L. and Daly, F. L., III, (1990), Reliability Of NINCDS-ADRDA Clinical Criteria For The Diagnosis Of Alzheimer's Disease, Neurology; 40: 1517.
Tapiola, T., Lehtovirta, M., Ramberg, J., Helisalmi, S., L ...
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