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The Tragedy that Shook America

The terrorist attack involved nineteen hijackers of Arab descent, who concurrently took control of four US domestic commercial airliners. According to intelligence report, these men enrolled in US aviation schools to undergo training as pilots months before the hijacking incident (Solomon).
These terrorists facilitated the crash of an airliner carrying about 10,000 gallons of jet fuel into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York. Shortly after this, a second airliner plowed into the South Tower of the same establishment. These buildings, dubbed as the "Twin Towers," collapsed in less than 90 minutes after the crash. ("The 9/11 Commission Report")
That same morning, a third airliner, Flight 77 smashed into the western wing of the Pentagon. After half an hour, a fourth airliner slammed into a field of Southern Pennsylvania, after being diverted from its main target, The White House, by heroic passengers who fought the hijackers. ("Wikipedia")
The devastation brought about by the terrorists is considered worse that the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 (Hirsh, Kett & Trefil). All in all, the total death toll reached about 3,000 for these separate incidents. Apart from this, properties worth billions of dollars were also destroyed during the attack ("The 9/11 Commission Report").
According to investigations and t ...
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The terrorist attack that occurred in September 11, 2001 is deemed as the most destructive act of terrorism ever launched against the United States (Hirsh, Kett & Trefil). This paper provides an overview of what took place on this fateful day. In particular, it focuses on the crashing of American Airline Flight 77 into the Pentagon, the bastion of US military power.
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