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Essay example - Write about two sociological variables race and animal abuse

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The purpose of this grant proposal is to find a correlation, if any, between two sociological variables, race and animal abuse. Based on preliminary research, domestic violence and sociopathic behavior are more relevant as a contributing factor to animal abuse…

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Hypothesis 1. The ethnicity or race of an individual may or may not have an effect on their propensity to abuse or not abuse animals. To prove or disprove this initial hypothesis, it would be necessary to select an equal group of individuals from every possible racial background. For example, 25 men and 25 women between the ages of twenty and forty would be selected from each racial background. These groups would include Caucasian, African American, Latino and Asian. These groups would all be blind to what the study was about. The groups would be kept separate by race and monitored in a facility for one week. Each individual would be placed with a dog. Each individual would be monitored for the duration of the week. The dogs would also be monitored. At the end of the week, the following would be determined: The behavior of the dog as compared to the behavior at the beginning of the week; the number of times each person fed, watered, petted or spent time with the dog (walking the dog etc); and of course any abuse or neglect would be determined.
The possible problems with this study would be age variation in the individuals as a possible factor, whether or not each person was a "dog" person or not, whether or not the person avoided displaying abusive behavior due to feeling "watched" or observed. ...
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