Self Management and Personal Effectiveness

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I currently work in Queens University of Belfast as an I.T. Technician. For an overview of my duties and responsibilities, refer to appendix 1. It is incumbent upon on me to self analyse to ascertain my personal strengths, limitations and vulnerabilities.


SWOT analysis: - Strengths, The things I am good at are 1) my I.T. Hardware skills, 2) My Language and communication skills and 3) my outspokenness and ability to move with people without shyness or inhibitions. Weakness. My inability to cope with work load at home as described in appendix(2) I have arrived at these weaknesses by asking my self the following questions s suggested in SWOT analysis technique. Such as, the Things I can improve up on, what can I avoid What are the things that people around me see as my weaknesses which I am not able to perceive My mentor Florence should be complimented for having identified my weaknesses which I had been not very serious about.
Opportunities I have just begun my career and future career opportunities are unlimited. Threats Constant changes in the computer technology and the need to keep my self always updated. Further, harassment at work place from colleagues rather than from my boss.
In further self-analysis, I took temperament sorter test and I have found my self to be of "Guardian". ( True to Guardian character of a natural protector, I perform too much of work part of which I volunteer just to help even my hatred-spewing colleagues true to my catholic spirit and also help my understanding boss who seems to be helpless at my position.. ...
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