Cultural Tourism: A Strategic Focus

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The term "tourism" has many meanings, which have changed over time, and tourism studies clarify the different meanings of the term. Recently tourism is recognized as a social phenomenon with a variety of social-cultural impacts at both the individual level and the global level, and it is a pronounced and significant reality that all social sciences undertake.


In the study of tourism, the conception of authenticity has undergone three shifts for the past 40 years, with objectivist framings giving a way to a social construction perspective and later, existentialist conception (Cohen, 1972). The author chose Botswana in his report because the country's tourism is very progressive because of a lot of interesting places such as its flora and fauna.
The study has several parts, impacts of tourism, economic impact, political impact, and social impact, major impact of tourism in Botswana, other issues and concerns, sustainable and development of tourism and finally, evaluation and conclusion. Of there will be a part of tourism planning in this report as this is the main objective of the investigation.
The economic, socio-cultural, political and environmental impacts of tourism all play significant roles on its positive and negative effects (Holder, 1999). Over the last two decades tourism has become progressively more battered and trapped by the forces of globalization in different economic, social, cultural, and environmental disguises.(Baribier, Burgess and Pearce:1991) Although effects are positive as well as negative, it tends to be the last that are problematic and frequently form the focus of academic research (Jayawardena, 1999). ...
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