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Information Policy

Such information does not reach the in the public domain, until it is communicated by unauthorized means, or unless by the organization s policy permits such disclosure which is stated in the Public Disclosures Act 1998 (Anderman 1998 p15).
All report, documents and information that are confidential that are made or gained during employment will be the sole property of the organization and has to be submitted back to the organization at the time of termination or resignation.
Employee ought to realize that in during his/her employment with the organization; the Employee might get authorized access to or unintentionally come across "confidential information." As utilized in the Confidentiality Agreement, "confidential information" is the similar to "protected health information. These are even known as the Trade Secrets.
Employee has an obligation to withhold the confidential information of the organization in strict confidence as well as not to reveal or otherwise use this confidential information apart from when this information plays an essential role in the Employee's regular job responsibilities. This indicates, amongst all things, that:
Employee has an obligation to not disclose, reveal, copy, make public, trade, lend, assess, change or wipe out any confidential information of the organization only when the employee completely authorized by the organization; and Employee has an obligation not to misuse or steal the accessed ...
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Confidential Information" can be defined as any technical, financial, or business information or materials regarding the business an organization that is disclosed or given by the organization to Confidant, or that is taken from such information or materials…
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