The Courthouse Hotel

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The current organisation of the Courthouse Hotel is weak in certain standards of management. Henri Fayol defined fourteen Principles of Management. According to this model, the Courthouse Hotel would be considered deficient in the areas Stability of Tenure of Personnel, Espirit de Corps, and Unity of Direction.


At the Courthouse Hotel, individuals in management positions felt that there were no opportunities for further achievement. For this reason, turnover rates at the Courthouse Hotel are high. Turnover in this form is detrimental to the entire morale of the organisation. Staff witness unsatisfied co-workers quitting their jobs because of the assumption that in terms of personal avenues for success, the company is a dead-end. As a consequence, the entire group suffers lack of confidence in the organisation.
The Courthouse Hotel has poor retention rates. People resourcing and hiring practises are faulty and disordered. Staff persons are employed on an as-needed basis, which means the hotel uncertainly staffed, insufficiently prepared for business or anticipated business growth. As the current people resourcing practise stands, the hotel will not succeed. Hiring procedures will not meet the needs of a sixty percent growth in trade.
In terms of staff already employed by the hotel, these employees show no little satisfaction with their jobs. Employees ponder the improved flexibility and conditions offered by the national and international hotel chains in town. Facing company change, the new business owner should fear leave-taking. Unless assured of their future success with the Courthouse Hotel, the current staff will leave before the fruits of renovations are encountered.
The acute fault of peo ...
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