Contraction in Smooth Muscle Cells compared to Contraction in Skeletal Muscle Cells - Essay Example

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Contraction in Smooth Muscle Cells compared to Contraction in Skeletal Muscle Cells

In this assignment, based on studies, a comparison has been drawn between the contractions of these two types muscles at the cellular and molecular levels. Before going into this discussion, contraction must be defined. Contraction is defined by activation of the muscle fibers with a demonstrable shortening of the muscle fibers2. The physiological events in relation to muscle contraction have been delineated in great detail, and they reveal that basically, with neural stimulation there occurs a series of molecular events initiated by increase in the cytosolic calcium concentration. In this assignment, these events will be looked at in a greater detail to compare these events between the striated and nonstriated muscles.
Each skeletal muscle is made up of a large number of skeletal muscle fibers, which are thin cylindrical multinucleated cells of variable length, which in turn are made up of myofibrils, which are bundles of filamentous structures running along the length of the fiber. While observing skeletal- or cardiac smooth muscle fibers through microscope, a series of light and dark bands perpendicular to the long axis of the fiber are very conspicuous. ...
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Introduction: Locomotion is one of the most important signs of life, and along with the ability to use coordinated movement through the action of skeletal muscles, each animal also uses smooth muscles for different physiological functions. In human beings almost 50%1 of the body mass is comprised of skeletal muscles, most of which are connected to the skeleton through tendons…
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