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The most rapid population growth has occurred during the past 300 years. Overpopulated countries like Africa, Asia & America increases its crime, epidemics and workforces.
Overpopulation can be defined in several ways. One way is in terms in carrying capacity. Other way to define overpopulation is in terms critical factors. Critical impacts such as malnutrition, lack of food supply, unemployment, lack of education, destruction of ecosystem, poverty, lack of housing & uncontrollable diseases indicate that there is overpopulation, regardless of the carrying capacity of ecosystem. The third way is population size and resource use to their environmental consequences (Addison,1994). The world is over populated if the environment is damaged by factors like pollution and habitat destruction on large scale.
"One cause that affect the amount of food produced is because the amount of land available for growing crops".(Persell, 1990). Due to overpopulation the supply for food is affected. For example in a irrigation area, extensive irrigation may deplete underground water supply more rapidly than they replenish. In the long run, overusing those areas may cause them to dry up and also become unfit for farming. And because of this it does not seem to offer an easy solution to the problems of world food production. . ...Show more


The overpopulation is one of the major problems in the world. Of all issues effecting the environment overpopulation is the most controversial. The serious implications of an overpopulated world is obvious. Accompanied by increasing effects and disadvantages that really affects the quality of life of many people.
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