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Tax evasion refers to the process or system by which individuals, partnerships, corporations, trusts, and other entities try to evade payment of taxes through unlawful or illegal means. It is inherent in every human being to resist payment of taxes despite the knowledge that it is a civil obligation of every citizen.


The Congress, the White House, and the Supreme Court cannot meet and do their businesses. As it is, taxes are the lifeblood of every government. However, people continuously exert their best efforts to evade taxes. They pursue different avenues in order to minimize, if not entirely avoid payment of taxes. Different styles or strategies have been used in order to attain this end. One, underreporting of incomes - usually, this strategy is being used by businesses, whether sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation. This of course cannot be attained without the assistance of the accountants. The latter manipulate the income to be reported by the business so that liability for taxes would be lesser. In some countries, double numbering of official receipts are made so that only half of the transactions are officially entered into the entry book of the company. Only those transactions which involve important personalities or companies are being recorded officially so that in case of emergency examination of books, the said transactions can be easily traced. Those involving small transactions with not so familiar customers remain unrecorded, or will be recorded only in the unofficial record. ...
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