Skyscrapers in Chicago

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Big buildings have always been an attractive thing for the rich to show off their power and wealth. Great structures and monuments have been built to honor leaders or religious beliefs. Egyptian pyramids, Taj Mahal in India, the skinny towers stretching towards the sky in Italian hill towns, and the gothic cathedrals of France have all been influenced by great men of power and wealth.


According to Think Quest Library, a skyscraper is a "multi-storied building constructed on steel skeleton, combining extraordinary height with ordinary rooms such as would be found in low buildings, the term originated in the United States in the later 1880s after buildings in New York reached ten stories a skyscraper". These are very tall habitable building which stands out clearly above its surrounding built environment and significantly changes the overall skyline of this particular city. [2]
Originally buildings were made with a broader base to support the entire building. As time progressed and technologies evolved higher and thinner buildings started to become more practical. The crucial developments for modern skyscrapers were steel, glass, reinforced concrete, water pumps, and elevators. Steel and reinforced concrete allowed higher buildings to be built on a small patch of land. The water pumps were essential to pump water up to higher levels for the use of constructions and as well as utility. Primitive elevators of various designs had been used for centuries, and starting in the mid 19th century, steam-operated elevators were used to move materials in factories, mines, and warehouses. ...
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