The Future of Artificial Intelligence

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The emerging technology and programming techniques related to Artificial Intelligence has continued to advance and provide new data in the quest to building a viable and working artificially intelligent machine. Through the introduction of viable neural networking solutions, this has made the possibilities even more possible.


Through following the works of Hopfield, who has become the symbolic founding father of a very large and broad physics-based study of neural networks as dynamical systems, AI will surely continue to develop in the future.
This paper convincingly argues that intelligent machines will be intertwined in the future society, and addresses the lack of a tangible body to manage the development of computer software. The supplementary research further establishes that engineers will have increased ethical and political responsibilities in the development of artificial intelligence systems in the future.
This paper also develops a thorough picture of the study of artificial intelligence and a particular emphasis on Neural Networks and its methodology and outlines its usefulness in computing applications. In addition it explores the movement to develop strong AI systems and deals with some non-technical theoretical issues involving that development. Evidence introduced to support arguments that intelligent machines will be a part of future compelled a set of recommendations intended to guide engineers in their continued development of intelligent computer programs. ...
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