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Academic Skills (Economics)

It is up to me to keep up with the growing information and use it in my learning situation. I am therefore obligated to acquire the standard transferable skills for any academic study. I am not only required to be literate, numerate and to have computer competency, but also acquire and exhibit capabilities, attitudes and qualities necessary for me to fit in the modern world. Being an international student, taking business economics, I am aware of some personal strength that will enable me to enhance my academic skills. One such strength is my potential and willingness to learn. I strongly believe that, that is where it all begins. No human being knows everything and as such, the more willing one is to learn, the faster they can absorb new ideas and concepts. I am a young learner with a growing cognitive capacity and my past academic achievement motivate me to learn more. I am also very decisive. Over the years I have developed strong decision – making skills that have enabled me to use my time effectively – not waste it. I can quickly define a problem, outline alternatives and figure out a solution. This skill enables me to make choices in my day to day activities and also important ones e.g. in shaping my course and in future my career. ...
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No human being knows everything and as such, the more willing one is to learn, the faster they can absorb new ideas and concepts. I am a young learner with a growing cognitive capacity and my past academic achievement motivate me to learn more…
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