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Enterprising Potential - Essay Example

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High school
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People that have the innate ability to create and innovate, search for new ideas, and are motivated to put those ideas into action are said to be enterprising. Every person has some potential for enterprising, but a select few are the highly charged creators that pursue a dream until it becomes a reality…

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Enterprising Potential

Michael scores rather high marks in the first category of 'Need for Achievement'. He is always optimistic and very self-sufficient. He is self-employed, does his own cooking, repairs his automobile, and maintains a garden. Even when he is facing a hardship, he has the forward-looking drive to see his plans through and let nature run its course. As an example, whenever he does something, whether baking a cake or fixing a car, he always goes out of his way to attend to details that are almost trivial. Yet, that is what it takes to be an enterprising individual. He is a perfectionist and an over achiever that is seldom swayed from the task at hand.
In the second category, 'Need for Independence and Autonomy', Michael would be considered extremely enterprising. He is self-employed in a one-man business and always does all the work himself without any outside or hired help. He is very determined and never gets rattled by pressure or unexpected events. He dislikes taking orders, though I have always attributed that to his short stint in the military. Michael does his own thing according to his own schedule.
Michael also has the 'Creative Tendencies' required to be a successful enterpriser. He writes poetry, short stories, and is working on a novel. In addition, he plays several musical instruments and has written over 200 songs. ...
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