Journey to Learn Oneself

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Man's enriching journey to self discovery lies in the acceptance of sexuality as part of an individual's unique complex system. For many years, women have endured malignant social isolation and back-lashing in the effort to seek out their true identities and inner sexuality.


Men were free to discuss their conquest in the confines of the group and boast of their prowess. Natural sexual responses and instincts were socially unacceptable and women had difficulty discussing their innermost thoughts and feelings to everyone without the fear of being admonished. A lot of expectations were also burdened on men to discover achievement and success. Diversity among males and females and the recognition of alternative behavior were never recognized. Literature provides a view of these attitudes through emotions, sexual responses and of spiritual belief in two 19th century fiction: "The Awakening and Foster's social commentary, "A Room with a View" on the different responses of men and women in the era at two different worlds. Subjectively, repression of human needs and desire may create a negative impact on an individual which will further be proven literally in these two literatures.
Women trapped in loveless relationships pretended nothing amiss despite complaints of husbands routinely, "smoked out he went to bed, and in half a minute (he) was fast asleep"(Chap. III p.1). Every fiber of the body is in rage over neglect yet most women would rather cry themselves to sleep rather than verbally complain. ...
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