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Essay example - Correctional Education

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Despite the increased reliance on imprisonment to address crime in the United States, most incarcerated offenders will be released from the institution back into the community. Therefore it is in society's best interest to provide incarcerated offenders with opportunities to improve themselves and reduce the chance they will return to crime…

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This assumes that employment is a major contributing factor to criminal activity and recidivism, on the one hand, and that there is a direct correlation between education and employment, on the other.
Both theory and empirical studies have affirmed the imperatives of embracing correctional education as a strategy for the reduction of recidivism. Through a critical analysis of both theory, primarily focusing on the works of Chlup, Shobe and Spry, this section of the research will examine the following:
how beneficial it is for correctional educators and others (counselors, correctional officers, other prison officials, etc.) to work together to provide a viable learning experience for institutionalized learners,
Criminologists and politicians have debated the effectiveness of correctional rehabilitation programs since the mid-1970s when criminal justice scholars and policy makers throughout the United States embraced the conventional wisdom that 'nothing works' (Lipton, Martinson and Wilks, 1975). Programs based around punishment and surveillance grew. They are being embraced even stronger today despite the fact that Martinson later admitted that he was wrong (1979). ...
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