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Essay example - Game Advertising

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Throughout the years, advertisers recognize that television viewing has been rapidly declining due to the wider popularity of video gaming. Thus, the emergence of the in-game advertising industry is a response to this situation. The in-game advertising industry is primarily responsible for the placement of ads in video games in different platforms…

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PricewaterhouseCoopers estimates that the online gaming industry is set to grow $55 billion in 2009 (Video Games 2006). It should also be noted that the gaming industry grows at an astounding double digit rate of 25% annually.
Business organizations have been very quick to realize the potential profit gain from this segment. Massive Incorporated, which is the world's first video game company, operates with the mission of "aggregating the gaming audience to deliver advertising across a network of premier video titles and providing measured results on consumer interaction with the advertising." Double Fusion is an Israeli in-game advertising company established in the summer of 2004. The business model of Double Fusion is very much similar to that of Massive. The product line of Double Fusion ranges from dynamic advertisements, integrated advertising, and "around game" inventory (Double Fusion 2006). In Game Advertising (IGA) seeks t o provide advertising services with its global computer video game media and advertising network. ...
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