The role of unstable political structures on the effects of deregulation on competition - Essay Example

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The role of unstable political structures on the effects of deregulation on competition

This literature looks in detail the effects of political instability in the region in attracting foreign investment in the region. The telecommunication industry in UAE has shown incredible progress, this has been propelled by the government's effort intended at the deregulation of telecommunication market and bringing in competition. This has been an initiative of Telecommunication regulatory authority (TRA) which aims at enhancing competition in UAE telecommunication market. The literature looks in depth the flourishing telecom sector in UAE and gives an insight of market trends dominating telecommunication market (Jones; 46; 2006).
Political willpower in UAE has also been criticized due to its failure to create conducive environment for economic players to venture in its market. Corruption in Middle East has also been a major hindrance in creating a fair play environment for investors. The literature focuses specifically on UAE liberalization of its telecommunication industry. It looks in detail effects of deregulation in UAE telecommunication market in bringing competition (Ritchie; 123; 1994).
United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation made up of seven self-governing states. UAE was declared independent in 1971 from Britain. ...
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Trends to globalization and improved technology demands have precipitated swift privatization and deregulation in the world. There is always a high demand for investment opportunities in growing economy. United Arab Emirates (UAE) economy has been on increase for the past years…
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