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Steven A Ballmer was facing problems with his company Microsoft Inc. Ballmer's company was being perceived as 'unhip' .He decided on a veteran product manager that he had. Named Lisa Brummel, to be the new HR chief. She had her genuine reasons for refusing and was confident she could keep on improving.


Although Lisa was not an HR person. She had somehow developed skills that aided her in her new career. Because of the fact that Lisa was a people's person and more on the serving side of the table she could and was able to create an unusual bridge between the administration and Microsoft employees. She was able to grasp the actual need of the time. She realized how important it was to treat your employees with confidence attention and trust in order to achieve organizational goals. Also when we read the article we realize that it is very vital for the administration and the employees of a company to be on the same level of zeal and commitment, other wise we should not expect our organizations to work to succeed as then we would have a situation wherein the employees would have no goals but just be working robotically. And if employees don't set and achieve targets of their own, how would they be ever able to do so for the organization.
More and more companies in the U.S are now shifting from their hyper active work mode towards more on the side of providing their employees with tips on how to sleep well at nights. Also they are providing for their employees 'nap needs 'at work.
Arshad Choudhry has come up with this new invention of Metro Naps. He realized that his colleagues were going into the washrooms to take naps during work hours. ...
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