Action Taking during Military Operations

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The military of any country often face such incidents of hostile situations. While facing such situations the first and foremost question that comes to ones mind is: when to fire and when to not.


Young bloods enrolling in any country’s defense services are put through extensive physical and psychological training to toughen them up, so that the security of the nation is in tough hands. The various defense institutes try vigorously to transform these men and women into robots, but although physically almost transformed, psychologically they still are superior to robots, because they think and differentiate. A very important decision to be taken during any combat operation, is to decide whether to open fire or not and when to open? Mostly people in the commanding positions encounter this question as an integral part of their job. Prior to giving orders of firing to control hostile situations the commander as a human being faces and answers some moral questions to himself. This is the time when he considers some issues like Moral reasoning, Proper leadership, Personal ethics, Constitutional ethics, Moral virtues, Utilitarianism, Justice. In this paper the basic discussion is about as how do these issues govern the decision taken and its consequences? ...
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