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The US-Mexico Border Flow of Illicit Drugs

The major aim of this cooperation has been to create disruption for illicit drugs market in order to make the situation more difficulty for the illegal traffickers to manufacture and traffic the drugs to the US. The US has been providing the Mexican authorities with some projects and programs such as interdiction of shipment of cocaine which comes from South America, stemming the manufacture and carrying of opium poppy and marijuana. In addition to this it has come up with a program of controlling precursor chemicals employed in methamphetamine production (Los Angeles Times).

Mexico, over the years, had decided to curb the problem with no support from the US. This sensitivity of national sovereignty created difficulties for the two nations to establish good coordination for the counter narcotics operations. Later in early 1990s there was some improved cooperation while in 1998, the two countries concluded this by signing the Bi-national drug Control Strategy. They have kept on cooperating to curb the flow of drugs across the border despite the challenges experienced (Luis).

Despite the fact that the two countries have been putting so much effort to fight the flow of drugs from or through Mexico to United States of America through the US-Mexico border, thousands of tons of illegal drugs have still been flowing from Mexico into the USAevery year. There have been fewer cases of reported seizures of this illicit business in the border over the past years.

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Several challenges that the counter-narcotics face have prevented it from achieving its goals. One of the major problems is good cooperation and co-ordination between the two country’s authorities. ...
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The U.S-Mexico border which is 2,000-miles has been presenting several challenges to the fight against illicit drugs getting into the United States market. …
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