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Case Study example - Business Analysis and Review of Timberland

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Case Study
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What are the benefits of this relationship for Timberland Think about such areas as recruiting, skills development, learning and integrating 'values' into the organization, the company's image' service opportunities for employees, employee motivation, employee satisfaction…

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This relationship makes the company to give more emphasis on the societal and environmental issues and concerns. Now-a-days, it has become a trend that before buying a product, customers not only look for quality and price but the commitment from the part of that business organization as well for the common good of the society. According to a survey undertaken within the organization, most of the employees are interested in working for a socially committed company than receiving high salary. As there is a good working environment there will be less absenteeism and which means there is a reduction in the cost of recruitment, selection and training ,and leads to the over all improvement in the performance of the organization.
The main drawbacks of the relationship include many employees in Timberland lost their job and the company downsized its operation. City Year faced shortage of funds as Congress threatened to withdraw federal funding. Employees of Timberland were not ready to accept the decision of diversion of a big amount to City Year. Timberland also faced financial problems which affected their social service. Association of a profit organization and a non-profit organization may raise some questions regarding its objective which is different from each other. ...
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